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This is the full contents of the book, Scottish Style Harp, including artwork.


This is a collection of two halves. It is Gillian's first collection of harp pieces both traditional and self-penned in her own arrangements which aim to bring fun challenges for the learner as well as being musically beautiful and rewarding. However, the book also contains 11 specially written technical exercises which draw on Gillian's many years (at least 15) as a harp teacher. These exercises and accompanying notes aim to support the learner to their own strongest and most relaxed technique, which will in turn support your most enjoyable harp time.






Arpeggio Exercises x 4

Ornament Exercises x 3

Agility Exercises x 4, with focus on- Waltz, Jig, Reel and Strathspey techniques.



Peat Fire Flame (Trad.)

Síne Bhàn (Trad.)

The High Road to Gairloch  (Trad.)

Bill Malley's Barndance (Trad.)

Snug in a Blanket (Trad.)

The Dipper – duet (G. Fleetwood)

For The Love in Glenbuchat (G. Fleetwood)

Tom an t-Earraich (Trad.)

John MacLeod's Marching Past (G. Fleetwood)

Bodaich Bheag Abriachan (Trad.)

The Yoss Reel  (G. Fleetwood)


Full Download Version of Scottish Style Harp

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