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Composition and Tune Writing

Here are some examples of Gillian's work as a writer, though more can be found on her recordings and in her sheet music.

The Sounding Board - a contemporary harp duet:

The Sounding Board was a specially commissioned piece for 2 harps when Gillian was invited to contribute to Sound Scotland's contemporary harp project The Aberdeen Harp Book. This is a fantastic resource with contributions from some of the country's top composers.


The piece is an exploration on the joy of duet playing, including some extended harp techniques, and the full score is available as a free download - here!


Gillian was over the moon when Scottish chamber group Mr McFall's Chamber commissioned her to write a piece for their Celtic Connections concert of featured Scottish composers. This is their performance. It is a piece which aims to explore and mimic the sounds of a busy hospital, an environment that Gillian find fascinating and to bring some levity, familiarity and humour to the environment the next time the listener has to spend time in a hospital.

Craft, part 2:

This is another performance by Mr McFall's Chamber and was part of Hands Up for Trad's Distil 8 concert.  In their own words "Distil was established in 2002 to give adventurous musicians, whose main musical dialect is traditional music, the opportunity to explore a wide range of other musical styles and collaborate with musicians they might not otherwise get the chance to work with. The project opens up possibilities for a new kind of composer, working out of the folk tradition but moving freely and with understanding among the forms and sounds of other cultural traditions."

Writing for Distil is always a fantastic opportunity to work towards a deadline and committ to ideas that the composer wouldn't have the opportunity to explore otherwise. 

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